After around 30 years of sound research and collecting listening impressions, our purely subjective feeling is, that a healthy mix of the analog and digital world of audio technology is creating a contemporary, fresh sound.

Total recall is actually a must for every mix these days – thanks to “mix in the box” that becomes reality! As you might have guessed, we are equally enthusiastic about both the analog and digital signal processing tools. Our Edit and Mix Suite is therefore equipped with Protools, Logic Pro X, Reason and various digital tools in plug-in form.

In order not to forget the analog world, there is also analog outboard and hardware from: Urei, TL Audio, Lexicon, SPL, TC Electronic, Neumann, BPM and Yamaha. When it comes to sound synthesis, sampling, programming, we also like to work hybrid with virtual, analog or digital hardware sound generators. For sound design, we can access a large sound archive with many individually created sounds and make almost everything sound. Smaller projects that can be handled without direct customer contact, as well as time-consuming editing, mixing and production preparation, can be carried out in our suite in professional quality.

For demanding commercial and corporate productions (TV & cinema, web, new media), live recording sessions with bands, live music productions, we prefer to work with a few large studios in the Zurich area, which offer the right acoustics and recording rooms for this purpose.